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Aleksei Efimovich Kleshchev

politician , Major-general

Aleksei Kleshchev, USSR Major-general, politician.


Kleshchev, Aleksei was born in 1905.


Joined the Bolshevik Party, 1928. During World War II, one of the organizers of partisan detachments in Belorussia near Pinsk. 1st Secretary of Pinsk obkom, 1944, and of Polotsk obkom, 1946.

Prime Minister of Belorussia, 1948-1953. 1st Secretary of Kokchetav obkom, 1955-1960.


Religion doesn't give equal treatment to women and therefore contradicts basic human rights.


Communist Party of the Soviet Union is the guiding force of all socialist countries, and the nucleus of their political system.