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Aleksey Mikhaylovich ANTONOV


Aleksey ANTONOV, USSR Pathoanatomist. Professor 1938; Doctor of Medicine Science since 1936; Head, Chair of Pathological Anatomy, since 1940; Deputy Director of Studies, Saratov Medicine Institute; Chief Pathoanatomist of Saratov Oblast. Stalin Prize, 1952; orders; medals; expression of thanks from the USSR Ministry of Health and the Commanmander in Chief, Volga Military District; enscribed in “Roll of Glorious Labor”.


ANTONOV, Aleksey was born in 1900.


1924 graduated Medical Faculty, Saratov University.


Member, Editor Council, journal “Arkhiv patologii” (Archives of Pathology). Member, Society for the Dissemination of Political and Science Knowledge. Since 1943 Chairman, Saratov Society of Pathoanatomists, which he founded.

Board member, All-Union Society of Pathoanatomists. Works deal with: histology and pathoanatomy. Pathoanatomic techniques.

Gastric sarcoma; kidney tumors in monkeys. Gaucher’s disease; syphilis. Anomalies in the development of the gastrointestinal tract.

Wartime pathology; poliomyelitis. Atherosclerosis; hypertonia. Pathology of the central nervous system.

1924-1927 Assistant, Chair of Histology, Saratov University. 1927-1938 Assistant, then lecturer, Chair of Pathological Anatomy, Saratov Medicine Institute. 1938-1940 Head, Chair of Pathological Anatomy, Kuybyshev Medicine Institute and Kuybyshev Military Medicine Academy.

1943-1956 Head, Pathohistological Laboratory, Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology of the South-Eastern USSR. 1944-1947 Dean, Therapeutic Faculty, Saratov Medicine Institute. 1941-1945 Chief Pathoanatomist, Saratov military hospitals.


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