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Aleksey Mikhaylovich FEDOSEEV

engineer , engineering , Professor

Aleksey FEDOSEEV, USSR Electronic engineer; Professor, Moscow Power Engineering Institute, since 1931. Order of Red Banner of Labor; Badge of Honor; medals; Stalin Prize, 1947.


FEDOSEEV, Aleksey was born in 1904 in Kharkov.


1929 graduated Moscow Higher Technology School.


1931-1954 Head, Relay Protection and Stability Section, “Teploelektroproekt” Institute. Specialist in relay protection and automation. Directed development and testing of automatic relay protection equipment for MoscowKuybshev transmission line.

Director, Relay Protection Section, Commission for LongDistance Transmission Lines, USSR Academy of Science. Member, Editor Board, journal “Elektrichestvo” (Electricity). 1960, at 18th plenum of International Paris Conference on Large Electronic Networks, presented paper on “A Relay Protection Device Based on Crystal Conductors”.

PubL: “Releynaya zashchita energosistem” (Relay Protection of Power Systems) (1953), etc.