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Aleksey Davidovich MACHAVARLANI


Aleksey MACHAVARLANI, USSR Composer. Lecturer, Tbilisi Conservatory, since 1952; Popular Artist of USSR since 1958; Honoured Art Worker of Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic since 1951; board member, USSR Union of Composers; Secretary, Georgia Union of Composers, since 1956.


MACHAVARLANI, Aleksey was born in 1913 in Gori, Georgia, United States.


1936 graduated Tbilisi Conservatory. 1940 postgrad, student at same.


1934-1936 Musical Director, Georgia Theater of Musical Comedy, Tbilisi. 1940-1942 instructor in theoretical subjects, 1942-1952 Assistant, composition class, Tbilisi Conservatory. 1953-1956 Deputy Chairman, Georgia Union of Composers.