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Aleksey Alekseevich MINKH


Aleksey MINKH, USSR Hygienist. Professor, since 1938; Doctor of Medicine Science since 1937; corresponding member, USSR Academy of Medical Science, since 1953; Head, Chair of General Hygiene, Moscow Stomatological Medicine Institute, since 1946; Head, Chair of Hygiene, Central Institute of Physical Training, since 1946.


MINKH, Aleksey was born in 1904.


1927 graduated Medical Faculty, Saratov University.


Со-Editor, “Hygiene” section, “Bolshaya meditsinskaya entsiklopediya” (Large Medical Encyclopedia), 2nd edition. One of first in USSR to discover hygienic and physiological significance of ionization of the air. Does research on physical training, energetics of muscular activity, diet for sportsmen and hygiene of sports installations.

1941-1945 developed several methods of enriching food rations for injured and sick persons by the addition of proteins, vitamins and mineral salts. Works deal with general and experimental hygiene. 1928-1929 Assistant, 1930-1932 Acting Head, Chair of Hygiene, Saratov Medicine Institute.

1932-1936 Assistant, 1937-1938 lecturer, Chair of General Hygiene, 1st Leningrad Medicine Institute. 1938-1941 Head, Chair of Hygiene, Leningrad Stomatological Institute. 1941-1942 Head, Chair of Food Hygiene, 2nd Leningrad Medicine Institute.

1934-1940 Head, School Hygiene Laboratory, Leningrad Institute of Child and Juvenile Care. 1942-1945 military physician in Red Army.