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Aleksey Alekseevich SHELAGUROV


Aleksey SHELAGUROV, USSR Clinician. Professor 1949; Doctor of Medicine Science since 1946; Head, Chair of Propedeutics of Internal Diseases, 2nd Moscow Medicine Institute, since 1952; Chief Therapeutist, 4th Main Board, USSR Ministry of Health, since 1958. Order of Lenin.


SHELAGUROV, Aleksey was born in 1898.


1924 graduated Medical Faculty, Moscow University.


Works on pathology of cardiovascular system, stomach, kidneys and pancreas. Invented original method of “diastase curves” for studying exacrinous function of pancreatic gland. Studied clinical aspects of pancreatic ailments.

One of first Soviet therapeutists to study diagnosis and surgical treatment of heart diseases. Member, Expert Commission, Higher Certifying Committee, USSR Minister of Higher Education. Member, Editor Board, journal “Klinicheskaya meditsina” (Clinical Medicine).

1924-1926 district doctor in Serpukhov Rayon. 1926-1949 intern, Assistant, then lecturer, Propedeutics Clinic, 1st Moscow Medicine Institute. 1953-1958 Deputy Chief Therapeutist, 4th Main Board, USSR Ministry of Health.


Religious books are outdated, because laws by nature have to change with the advance of societies and technology.


Marxism–Leninism as the only truth could not, by its very nature, become outdated.