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Aleksey Vasilevich ZAKHAROV


Aleksey ZAKHAROV, USSR Dipl, with rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary. USSR Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to Finland since 1959.


ZAKHAROV, Aleksey was born in 1913.


1956 USSR representative at Geneva session of United Nations Economic and Society Council, at which he demanded replacement of National Chinese representative by Communist Chinese representative and accused United Nations Secretary General of not taking “effective measures for the repatriation of displaced persons”. Attended Soviet-Finnish talks on further cooperation in trade, culture, science and technican work and sport, etc. Attended Soviet-Norwegian talks on maritime border.

Attended 12th session of United Nations Economics Commission for Europe. Handed note of protest to Danish Government for expulsion from Denmark of S. S. Smirnov, interpreter of Soviet Military Attach6 to Denmark, on charges of espionage and in turn demanded recall of Ranek, an attach6 at the Danish Embassy in Moscow. 1958 headed Soviet delegation at 13th session of United Nations Economics Commission and 26th session of United Nations Soviet Council.

1959 accompanied Mikoyan to India and elsewhere. 1951-1953 USSR Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade. 1953-1954 USSR Representative, and 1954-1956 USSR Deputy Representative, United Nations Council of Economics Aid.

1956-1959 USSR Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.