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Alexander Panchenko was a Soviet and Russian philologist, researcher of Russian literature and culture, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1991). He is the author of historical and literary films and television.


Alexander Panchenko was born in the family of literary scholars who worked in the Pushkin House. Father - Mikhail Andreevich Panchenko was the first graduate student of the Pushkin House.


In 1953 Alexander entered the Leningrad University, in 1957 sent to study at Charles University in Prague. He graduated from both institutions in 1958. In 1958-1961 he studied at the post-graduate course of IRLI.

In 1964 Alexander defended his thesis ("Czech-Russian literary ties of the XVII century"), In 1973 - doctoral ("Russian syllabic poetry of the XVII century").


Since 1962 Alexander Panchenko was an employee of the Old Russian Literature Sector of the IRI, since 1978 - head of the Group on the study of Russian literature of the XVIII century. (since 1986 - the Sector of Russian Literature of the XVIII century), since 1988 - the head of the Department of New Russian Literature, a member of the Academic Council.

In parallel, in 1975-1984 he taught at the LGIC, from 1984 - professor of the LGPI. In 1992 he lectured on Russian literature at the Higher School of Social Sciences in Paris.


  • Academic Council

  • Editorial board of the magazine "Russian Literature"


  • Writers' Union of the USSR



Mikhail Andreevich Panchenko

He was the first graduate student of the Pushkin House.

Alexander Aleksandrovich Panchenko - professor

Alexander, as well as his father, is an employee of the Pushkin House and also connected his life with philology (doctor of philology, professor).