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Alexei Nikolaevich Malafeev Edit Profile

professor of political economy and a rifle company commander

As a true scientist, Malafeev whole life in fact confirmed the correctness of the Board of Danton: "Follow your path and let people say what they want!". The last decade of his Alexei lived outwardly calm, but in a morally oppressive obstanovke.Dead Malafeev suddenly 18.08.1988, in the light birch forest while collecting mushrooms.


Malafeyev's undoubted merit is that he rallied and maintained their weight internationally renowned scientist domestic "market experts" who find themselves in opposition to the official economic science. It was for them not only a great moral significance, but also made ​​it possible to develop and even publish their research.


The habit of strict reasoning Alexei developed back in childhood, early addicted to chess. At 11, he became a champion Chess Tikhvin among adults could play "blind", composed chess tasks, some of which have been published in the "Pioneers of the truth."

Chess and towns in which he, too, had the first rank, do not interfere with Alexey Nikolayevich succeed in the eight-year school in the town of Tikhvin, and then (1930-1933 gg.) In the forestry college (village Berezovik), where he was elected secretary of the Komsomol organization.

After receiving the first digit in the university competitions, Alex Nikolaevich later served on the first board from different universities of Leningrad at city events. At the beginning of 70's. he along with two other first categoriest LSU, Professor of Mathematics and Mechanics Department A. Nikitin and professor of the Faculty of Geography SB Lavrov organized a simultaneous game with the then world champion Karpov, who was then a student of economic faculty, but student Karpov was a bad diplomat and "outright" beat all three distinguished professors.

As a college student, he graduated from a three year Komvuz (Komsomol branch), receiving a premium for it three volumes of "Capital" of Marx. During the period of collectivization Komsomolets in 1930 Lesch Malafeev with other college students agitated farmers nearby villages to join the collective farm. In characteristic issued by AN Malafeeva after college, in part: "In terms of personal qualities that Malafeev can be described as a very capable and developed. Academic work carried out carefully, in the training material disassembled quickly and independently. Disciplined and very active. Academically was a drummer and also performed a number of social stress, such as the bulletin editor, executive secretary of the cell MOPR, the foreman of the village, executive secretary of the Komsomol cell, the assistant team leader of Komsomol.At 1 January 1933 that Malafeev on academic performance won 1st place at the college. "


In 1938, Alexey graduated from the university received the permit to work Commissariat a secondary school teacher in the town of Zlatoust. But upon arrival at the destination it was found that visiting teachers in the school does not need it. Then Alexei decided to go to graduate school. Having passed all the exams on excellent, 11.4.1939, he was enrolled in graduate school geography and the Faculty of Economics. However, the entry of the Soviet economic science was not easy for him, and all passed in her way - a very thorny.


  • Prior to the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, Alexei changed several jobs: economist Offices survey and design GDU the SNK of the RSFSR, the acting Head of the Bureau of the People's Commissariat lecture Udmurt Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, a school teacher of geography in Izhevsk. In September 1940, Alexei married Raisa Dmitrievne Veretennikova, 18-year-old female employee Commissariat.

    June 28, 1941 Alexey was drafted into the ranks of the Red Army. In his role as commander of an infantry company of the first Guards Infantry Brigade of the North-Western Front in the battles of Staraya Russa, he gets the first serious injury: Through a bullet wound to the chest. From 25 May to 27 June 1942 is being treated in hospitals N1356 and 3151 in Ulyanovsk.

    From July to September 1942 AN commanded the 258th rifle company 499 Infantry Regiment in the South-Western Front at Stalingrad. After the second injury and medical treatment in the hospital is sent at the beginning student and then a teacher at the fire training courses Privolzhskie (SHOT - Top Small arms and tactical training), where he served until demobilization of the Soviet Army. In December 1943 he was admitted to the Communist Party. For Military Merit was awarded the Order of the Red Star and the Medal For the Victory over Germany.


  • monograph

    • "The history of pricing in the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics"

  • monograph, 1964

    • "Thought"

  • Monograph, 1975

    • "The past and the present, the theory of commodity production under socialism"


  • Other Interests

    Interest in forestry Alexei showed the influence of his maternal uncle of Alexander Ivanovich Grigoriev, who was a major timber merchant in the village and enjoyed great prestige and respect. After the October Revolution of 1917, AI Grigoriev gave 5 million Soviet rubles. gold from Swiss banks, two houses in Petrograd and three steamships and continued his labor of love as a foreman for floating timber. As in the days of the "red terror" for AI Grigoriev come in three leather jackets, his workers turned their back.


Nikolai Aleksandrovich - teacher of mathematics and physics

His father, Nikolai, was

teacher of physics and mathematics graduate 1910 year collected "World" money Novgorod Pedagogical Seminary.

Elizabeth I. - was in charge of the library

Vistelius - specialist for Mathematical Geology

N. Matveyev - a renowned mathematician, author of popular books on the theory of differential equations , author of popular books on the theory of differential equations

F. Perveyev - future head of the Department of Organic Chemistry

B. Arata - the owner of a phenomenal memory and mental arithmetic skills

B. Arata - a winner of a phenomenal memory and mental arithmetic, which in the years of famine Alexei moonlighting as a simultaneous game of chess club on flights. Since chess brought very modest income, the more Alex and his brother left, the former three years younger than him, but physically more developed, the owner of the first sports categories in boxing, gymnastics, running and skiing, went to unload cars. (In Finnish war LN Malafeev was wounded in the legs broken off mine, and in later years worked as the head of the branch "Gipronickel" in the Urals).