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Deputy Member of the Bundesrat

Alfons ZELLER, German Deputy Member of the Bundesrat.


ZELLER, Alfons was born on April 19, 1945. Parents: Josef Zeller and Kreszentia Zeller (née Hefele).


Elementary school. Burgberg. Apprentice farmer. Family estate and Agricultural Training school, Immenstadt, 1959-1962. Business training, Raiffeisen Central Bank, Kempten, 1962-1965.

Admin, and Business academy and evening classes, business management degree, 1971-1974.


Municipal council, since 1972. District council Oberallgâu, since 1978. Member of Diet Bavaria, since 1978.

Secretary ofState, State Ministry of Economics and Transport, Bavaria, since 1987. Deputy member of Bundesrat, October since 1987. Employee, Raiffeisen Central Bank, Kempten to 1968.

Branch man., Raiffeisenbank, Oberstdorf-Sonthofen. Bank clerk.