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Ali Mohamad BANAWY

industrialist , major businessman

Ali Mohamad BANAWY, major businessman, industrialist.


BANAWY, Ali Mohamad was born in 1930 in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Secondary School Certificate.


Manager of his father’s business in timber and building materials 1948-1958. Started his own business 1959. Chairman of Banawy Factories, Corrugated Cartons Factory (SFARIBAC).

Member of Constituent Committee and member of board of Jeddah Industrial Zone. Owner of first-class hotel. Built a residential compound for Banawy Factory personnel.

Major printer; producer of paper bags, packaging paper, cardboard boxes, cardboard trays. Major businessman, industrialist.


God destined for each soul a time on earth. Then, after completion their appointed terms, He would judge them and send them either to the endless bliss, or to everlasting grief.


  • Other Interests

    Reading, hunting, photography, mechanics.