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Alkey Khakanovich MARGULAN


Alkey MARGULAN, USSR Historian. Full member, Kazakhstan Academy of Sciences, since 1958; member, All-Union Geography Society, since 1933.


MARGULAN, Alkey was born in 1904.


Graduated Eastern Department, Faculty of Society Science, Leningrad University.


Since 1938 in Kazakhstan Branch, USSR Academy of Science. 1946-1957 directed prospecting and archeological diggings in Central Kazakhstan. Author of over 150 works on philology, ethnography and archeology.

Many articles on the life and career of noted researchers, c. g., Ch. Valikhanov, A.Kunanbaev, N. M. Przhevalsky, etc.


Religious moral codes pervert people outside their group as less moral. Thus, religion is socially divisive and its effect is harmful for society.


The role of the individual as a member of a collective is more important than the individual.