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artist , writer , poet

Ana Lillith Bar, American poet, writer.

Award of Recognition, 1998

Silver Medal, 2000

Recipient Editor's Choice Award, International Library. of Poetry, 2002,

Shakespeare Trophy of Excellence, Famous Poets, 2003,

2003 Poet of the Year Medallion,

Contributor World Wild Life Fund, EarthJustice, Oakland, California, Friends of the Earth, Washington District of Columbia, Sierra Club, San Francisco, Nature Conservancy, Arlington, Virginia.


Bar, Ana Lillith was born on November 6, 1969 in Waverly, Ny. Daughter of Marjorie Jean Johnson and Edward Michael.


We moved around a great deal, so I went to many schools before dropping out in 1986. I later received my G.E.D. in 1992.


I have had the pleasure of multiple areas of employment.




Accounts Payable and Receivable



Personal Assistant

And now, a business owner.

In 2016, I started my own company, "Lillith."

Under this name, and the accompanying "Land of Lillith," I briefly opened a test store for my art. It went well, and am now expanding my efforts to open a physical store that will host my artwork, photography, and various clothing lines, both economical and high-end fashion, as well as household items such as pillows, blankets, shower curtains, rugs, key chains, stickers and much much more.


  • 2015, August, Published a short book of art, "Cross Your Heart, Hope to Die," feat. images inspired by the nursery rhyme:


    Cross your heart,

    Hope to die,

    Stick a needle in your eye?"


    2015, December, Published the first anthology of short stories, "A Mere Fraction Over the Poverty Line,"


    2016, June, Published the first collection of Poetry, "18 Days Plus 2,"


    2016 Founded "Lillith" and "Land of Lillith."

    Published Poetry:

    1) "Winter" –1993 - MY FIRST!!!

    2) "Our Next Day" – Contemporary Poets of America and Britain, 1993

    3) "I Am" - Dallas A.R.T.E. Magazine, 1993(?)

    4) "A Plea to Be Heard" – Western Poetry Assc., March 1994

    5) "And the Next Day Comes" - published 1994

    6) "The Unspoken Word" – Sparrowgrass, Jan. 1995

    7) "Questionable" - "Seasons of Happiness,” International Poets Society 90’s

    Year Unknown

    8) "Heart All Fire" – “The Sound of Poetry 1999,” Audio CD, International Library of


    - “Ever Growing Wonder,” 200l, International Library of Poetry

    (Part of the Silence Within series)

    ISBN# 0-7351-5062-8

    9) "Longing" - “Time After Time,” Fall 2000, International Library of Poetry

    “From the Mountaintop,” Spring 2000, International Library of Poetry

    ISBN# 1-58235-140-6

    10) "And So I Weep" – “From the Mountaintop,” International Library of Poetry, 2000

    ISBN# 1-58235-140-6

    11) "Alone" – “The Falling Rain,” International Library of Poetry, 2000

    ISBN 1-58235-134-1

    12) "Ode to Dawn" - Famous Poets Society, July 31, 2000

    13) "High Again" – “The Silence Within,” International Library of Poetry, 2001


    14) "Vicious" - “The Best Poems and Poets of 2002,”

    ISBN# 0-7951-5175-6

    15) "New Day" - The Sound of Poetry 2002, International Library of Poetry

    16) "Decisions Times Three Squared" - “The Sound of Poetry,” Audio CD, 2003

    - “Eternal Portraits” I.L.P. 2003

    ISBN# 0-7951-5227-2

    17) "Pardon and Forgiveness" - FamousPoets.com, Shakespeare Trophy of

    Excellence 2004

    - “On the Wings of Pegasus”

    ISBN# 0-9700445-3-4

    18) "What Is Natural" - “The International Who’s Who in Poetry 2004”

    19) "In Honor of the Word" – "The International Who’s Who in Poetry 2004"

    20) "The Truth In Nothing" - “Who’s Who in Poetry,” 2004, International Library of


    21) "18 Lines of Eternal Love" - “Great Poems of the Western World,” 2004

    Famous Poets, ISBN# 0-9700445-6-9

    - Poet of the Year 2005 (medallion) Famous Poets

    22) "Possessed" - “The Best Poems and Poets of 2004,” Poetry.com 2004

    23) "Requital" - “Expressions” 2004 American Poets

    ISBN# 0-9743429-7-1

    - “Immortal Verses” I.L.P. 2006

    24) "Nothing Is Trivial" – “Labours of Love,” Nobel House, London, England, UK 2004

    25) "Banter of the Fallen" - “The International Who’s Who in Poetry,” 2005,

    International Library of Poetry

    26) "Dark Angel: My Savior" – “Best Poems and Poets of 2005,” International Library

    of Poetry

    27) "Love Surreal" - Poetry.com, 2005, VIP# P5347879

    28) "Potential" - “Immortal Verses” 2006, International Library of Poetry

    29) "Urban Terrorism" - Published: "International Who’s Who 2012,"

    ISBN# 978-1-61936-065-5

    29) "Singularity Existence" - “Upon Arrival,” Eber & Wein, August 2016


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    • Author: (poetry) Seasons of Happiness, (poetry anthology) The Best Poems and Poets of 2002 (Best of 100 Poets of the Year, 2002), Eternal Portraits (Recognized Contributor, 2003), Time After Time, (literary magazine) A.R.T.E. magazine (Dallas, local) (Recognized Contributor, 1993), (poetry anthology) Theater of the Mind (Recognized Contibutor, 2003).


It does not matter what your religious faction, if you are kind and understand the human plight, then you are walking with God. For you understand our Earth is a living, breathing organism that birthed every bit of life on this planet, the you are aware of the God Environment. God is everywhere and in everything. Science will one day find that ever elusive "God Particle," and there you will find the common thread that binds us all.


I don't care what party a politician is a part of. If you can do the job of getting the American people into the 21st Century in a way that promotes Free Speech, Personal Liberty, and Freedom, and understand that if you are not of Native American Descent, then you are an illegal immigrant, and you have the responsibility of living up to, "Give us your tired, your weak, poor and hungry," to the absolute best of your ability.

When you maintain the roll of checks and balances that are in place to protect the people and not industry, and promote the basic understanding, every human deserves a house, food, and proper health care. Then you are NOT A SOCIALIST, You are ARE a HUMAN BEING who has respect for your life and those who briefly share this existence with you.


We are one world and the only race of homo sapiens is human. It does not matter what color your skin, country(ies) of origin, religious or political affiliation, or your sexual identity or preference. We are human beings, period.

This lovely blue-green globe is a tiny, planetary terrarium and it is our duty and sole responsibility to care for and maintain it and all the lifeforms that inhabit it. WE ARE NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT SPECIES. Life for us is brief. Even if we live to be 90, we will experience a mere 32,850 days of living.

We need to learn our place.

Quotations: "Either it is a well-arranged universe or chaos huddled together, but still a universe. But can a certain order subsist in thee, and disorder in the all? And this, too, when all things are so separated and diffused and sympathetic." - Marcus Aurelius


Contributor World Wild Life Fund, EarthJustice, Oakland, California, Friends of the Earth, Washington District of Columbia, Sierra Club, San Francisco, Nature Conservancy, Arlington, Virginia.

  • National Association of Professional Woman

    National Association of Professional Woman , United States



I tend to be a loner and self-starter. Time has a way of getting away from me, especially when I am in create mode. But when I am out and about in the world, because living lets no one get away, I often feel I am missing out on some creation that will not be seen again. But I remind myself, without inspiration from outside activity and company, the creative well will run dry.

Physical Characteristics: I'm not sure what would go into a personal description. I'm of average height, with tan-ish skin (depending on season and outdoor activity). Being nearly 50, my weight not tends to be more on the squishy side. But I am starting a new health regime, so that may change over the course of this next year. I would not call myself pretty. In fact, I would only say my face is "unique." And being that I am only growing older, that too will change with time.


  • Philosophers & Thinkers

    Marcus Aurelius




    Albert Einstein

    Stephen Hawking

    Neil Tyson Degrasse

    Carl Sagan

    Leonardo Da Vinci

    Raju Shaikh

    Frank Lloyd Wright

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Benjamin Franklin

    Georg F. Hegel

    Theodore Dreiser

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    A. A. Attanasio

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    Ralph Steadman

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    Michael Angelo

    Leonardo Da Vinci

    Vincent Van Gogh

    Johan Wolfgang von Goethe

  • Other Interests

    Art, reading, doodling, nature photography, listening to music, meeting new people.

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Children: Laine Anthony Madden, Christina Rain Dickens.