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Anatolii Nikolaevich Obukhov

ballet dancer

Anatolii Obukhov, USSR Ballet dancer.


Obukhov, Anatolii was born in 1896 in Petersburg.


Graduated from the Petersburg Theatre School. Pupil of M. K. Obukhov and N. G. Legat.


With the Mariinskii Theatre, 1913-1920. Partner of A. Pavlova in 1914 during her guest appearance in Russia. Emigrated, 1920. Worked in Berlin with the Russkii Romanticheskii Ballet of B. G. Romanov, then in South America.

With the Lithuanian Opera in Kaunas, 1931 — 35. With the Ballets Russes de Monte-Carlo, and the Original Ballets Russes, 1935-1939. Taught at the New York City Ballet School, 1940-1962.