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Anatolii Andreevich Suvorov


Anatolii Suvorov, USSR Artist.


Suvorov, Anatolii was born in 1890.


Studied at the Moscow Stroganov Central ArtIndustrial School, 1901-1914, under D.Shcherbinovskii, S.Vinogradov and K.Pervukhin.


Engraver, etcher, book illustrator and lithographer. In 1910-1911, sent by the Stroganov School to Italy to study xylography, etching and lithography, under I.N. Pavlov and N. I. Piskarev. First exhibition: Petersburg, 1913.

Other exhibitions: The All-Union Art-Industrial Exhibition, Moscow, 1923, The 4 Arts, 1926, 10 Years of Russian Xylography, Leningrad, 1927, Moscow, 1927-1928, Leningrad, 1932, Moscow, 1934, 1936, 1938-1939, 1941-1943.