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Anatolii Evgen’evich Zhurakovskii

Russian Orthodox clergyman

Anatolii Zhurakovskii, Russian Orthodox clergyman.


Zhurakovskii, Anatolii was born on March 4, 1897 in Moscow. Son of a teacher.


Educated at Tiflis and Kiev. Studied at Kiev University.


Close to V. Zen'kovskii. During World War I, teacher at the front. Priest, 1920. Wrote religious works, took part in disputes with atheists in the 1920s in Kiev.

Actively condemned the schisms of the 1920s in the church (Living Church, autocephaly). Arrested, 1923, held at Butyrki prison in Moscow, exiled to Krasnokokshaisk (YoshkarOIa). Returned to Kiev, 1924.

Joined the Iosiflane movement (who rejected Metropolitan Sergii’s submission to the demands of the atheist government). Moved to Leningrad. Arrested, 1 October 1930. Sentenced to death, commuted to 10 years in the Gulag.

Inmate of Solovki, and construction worker on the Belomor Canal. For his open religious convictions he was again imprisoned and sentenced to 10 more years of Gulag. His letters and memoirs were published in France in the 1980s.