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Andrew Atkinson Humphreys Edit Profile

Engineer , scientist , soldier

Andrew Atkinson Humphreys, American engineer, soldier, scientist. Member American Philosophical Society, American Academy Arts and Sciences.


Humphreys, Andrew Atkinson was born on November 2, 1810 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. Son of Samuel and Letitia (Atkinson) Humphreys.


Graduated from the United States Military Academy, 1831. L.L.D. (honorary), Harvard.


Commissioned Lieutenant artillery, United States Army, 1831, served as civil engineer in Corps Topographical Engineers. Planned Delaware River fortifications and harbor works, 1837-1838. Commissioned Lieutenant Corps Topographical Engineers, 1838.

Assigned to duty in Coast Survey, 1844. Commissioned captain, 1848, major on McClellan’s staff, 1861. Commissioned major general, chief of staff Army of Potomac, 1863-1864.

Commissioned brigadier general United States Volunteers, chief Topographical Engineers, fought at battles of Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, commanded Union division at Battle of Gettysburg and corps in operations around Gettysburg, 1864-1865. Command II Army Corps, 1864. Chief C.E. with rank brigadier general, 1866-1879, brevetted colonel Battle of Fredericksburg, brigadier general Battle of Gettysburg, major general Battle of Sailor’s Creek.


Member American Philosophical Society, American Academy Arts and Sciences.


Married Rebecca Hollingsworth, 1839, 4 children.

Samuel Humphreys

Letitia (Atkinson) Humphreys

Rebecca Hollingsworth