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Andrey Ivanovich KIPRIANOV

organic chemist

Andrey KIPRIANOV, USSR Organic chemist. Full member, Ukrainia Academy of Sciences, since 1945; Presidium member, Ukrainia Academy of Sciences; Professor 1940; Professor, Kiev University, since 1944; Director, Institute of Organic Chemistry, Ukrainia Academy of Sciences, 1945-1959; Honoured Worker of Science of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic since 1957. Stalin Prize, 1942.


KIPRIANOV, Andrey was born in 1896.


1919 graduated Kharkov University.


Until 1941 at Kharkov University. 1955 member, Soviet delegation at International Congress on Theoretical and Applied Chemistry in Zurich. 1959 member, Soviet delegation at International Congress on lnd.

Chemistry in Belgium, and member, Commission for Coordinating Research in the Study of Cancer. Research on organic dyes. Established new rules governing range and suitability of dyes as sensitizers.


Religion obstructs scientific research and technological progress.


Marxism–Leninism as the only truth could not, by its very nature, become outdated.