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Andrzej Czuma

Polish government official , Polish legislator

Andrzej Czuma, Polish legislator, former Polish government official. Decorated Commander Cross with Star Order of Reborn Poland, Officer's Cross.


Czuma, Andrzej was born on December 7, 1938 in Lublin, Poland.


Master of Arts in Law, Warsaw University Faculty Law and Administration.


Founder Ruch (Movement), Poland, Movement for Defense of Rights of Man and Citizen, Poland. Incarcerated, 1970—1977, 1980, 1981—1982. Editor, public Opinia, Poland, since 1977, Wiadomosci Katowickie, Poland.

Advisor to independent trade unions Poland. Radio host Station WNVR 1030, Chicago, Station WPNA, Chicago. Lawyer Poland; Member of Parliament, 19 Warsaw Sejm (Parliament), Poland, since 2006.

Minister justice Government of Poland, 2009.