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Anne Petrea VTK

Minister of Agriculture

Anne Petrea VTK, Norwegian former Minister of Agriculture.


VTK, Anne Petrea was born on January 8, 1933 in Trondenes, Norway. Daughter of Jarle Komelius Kristiansen and Jette Marie Kristiansen.


Sixth Form College, 1950. Telecommunication Course, 1951. School of Home Economics, 1954.


Member, Borough Board of Control, 197276. Chairman, Schools Board of Control, 1976-1979. Member County Council, 1980.

Deputy Representative, County Committee. Member, County Cultural Committee. Minister of Agriculture, 1989-October-1990.

Professional career: employee, Televerket (Telecommunications Company), 1951-1955. Deputy Teacher, 1950-1968. Farmer, Own Farming Concern, 1955.

Member of Board of Control Farm Women’s Federation, T roms, 1965-1973. Member of Board of Control, Norwegian Farm Women’s Federation, 1973-1979. Chairman, Norwegian Farm Women’s Federation, 1979.

Member of Board of Control, Norwegian Farmers Federation, 1979-1983. Member, Norwegian Agricultural Science Research Council.


[{"type":"father","name":"Jarle Komelius Kristiansen"},{"type":"mother","name":"Jette Marie Kristiansen"},{"type":"spouse","name":"Per Vik"}]

Jarle Komelius Kristiansen

Jette Marie Kristiansen

Per Vik