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Antonin Petrovich Ladinskii

author , poet

Antonin Ladinskii, USSR Poet, author.


Ladinskii, Antonin was born on January 19, 1896 in the village of Obshchee Pole near Pskov.


Emigrated after the October Revolution 1917. Settled in France. Became known as a poet between World War I and World War II. Took Soviet citizenship in 1946. Returned to the Soviet Union, late 1940s.

Wrote and published a series of historical novels which gained wide popularity. They deal mostly with the period of Kievan Rus (Kogda pal Khersones, Anna Iaroslavna, Vladimir Monomakh), and are based on solid historical research. His books opened for the young Soviet generation pages of neglected periods of the Russian past.