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Antonio Esposito Edit Profile

Physics engineer

Antonio Esposito, Italian physics engineer. President Russian Vodka Ceremony, Tsukuba, since 1995.


Esposito, Antonio was born on January 12, 1963 in Napoli, Italy. Son of Nicola Esposito and Veturia Orsi.


Doctor of Engineering, University Naples, 1993.


Owner business in high tech security systems, 1983-1987. Professional rugby player CUS team/University Sport Center, 1984-1990. Researcher Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (National Research Council), Napoli, 1992-1995, European Organization for Nuclear Physics (European Organization of Nuclear Research), Geneva, 1997, Electroctech.

Laboratory (ETL), Tsukuba, Japan, 1995-1999. Physics project and Research and Development scientist Technology University Munich, Garching, since 1999. Founder, chief technical officer A4 Vision, high technical solutions company in 3-dimension images, since 2000.

Founder, scientist officer SiLine Società per Azioni (SiLine Group), 2003—2004. Partner MUHUA Investment Group owning the Biometric Mondokey, since 2004. Founder INCEPT srl

Committee member Italian Embassy, 1996.

Coordinator European project on monitoring with Cryogenic Detectors for Accelerators. Co-chair first bilaterial symposium Japan-Italy in Tokyo. Board directors SiLine Società per Azioni (SiLine Group) since 2003.

Invited member Italian Public Administration National Center Information Technology, 2004-2005, deputy director Center Excellence Artificial Intelligence, Naples, Italy, since 2004. Member Italian national committee National Center for Information Technology in Public Administration, 2004-2005.


  • Achievements include reaching the national second league with CUS Rugby team, 1987. 100 clients per year in high-tech security business. Design of ultra-fast superconductive Josephson digital circuit.

    Development of theoretical new models for the RMQT (Resonant Macroscopic Quantum Tunneling) effect, 1991-1993. Responsibility for developing and building first cryogenic silicon detector in world for high-energy particles European Organization of Nuclear Research experiment COMPASS (Common Muon Proton Apparatus for Structure and Spectroscopy). Founder and Chief Technology Officer of the first Italian idustrial district for global security "porto digitale.".


President Russian Vodka Ceremony, Tsukuba, since 1995.


Married Hiroko Suzuki.

Nicola Esposito

Veturia Orsi

Hiroko Suzuki.