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Arata Hamao Edit Profile

viscount , education administrator

Arata Hamao was an education administrator.


Arata Hamao was born in 1849. He was the son of Kaheiji Hamao, a retainer of the Toyooka Clan.


In 1872, he became an official of the Education Ministry and took the post of president of the Daigaku Nanko, the predecessor of Tokyo University. He subsequently engaged, in education administration for many years. Inspected the education systems in Europe and the United States and was appointed Education Minister in 1897. He laid the foundation of Tokyo University. Was appointed a Privy Councillor, chamberlain to the Crown Prince and then a chief official in charge of the Crown Prince's tutelage. Vice-president of the Privy Council in 1922 and its president in 1924.


  • A statue of him was erected on the Tokyo University.


Kaheiji Hamao