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Arkadii Vasil’evich Shishkin


Arkadii Vasil’evich Shishkin, USSR Photo-journalist.


Shishkin, Arkadii Vasil’evich was born in 1899 in the village of Kukarka, Viatka. Son of the village carpenter.


At the age of 10, apprenticed to the portrait photographer N. Rikhter in Kazan’. Later moved to Petrograd, where he trained as a film projectionist. Worked first as a projectionist, then as a copyist.

After the October Revolution 1917, worked for a few months in a photographic studio in Ekaterinburg (now Sverdlovsk). In 1918, served in the Red Army. From 1923, worked as a photographer for local newspapers in Viatka (now Kirov).

In 1924, won a photographic competition in the Moscow newspaper Krestianskaia Gazeia, which offered him a job. Soon became its leading full-time photo-reporter. During World War II, photographer for the political wing of an army division.

At the end of the war, joined the Krestianka magazine. Personal exhibitions: Minsk, 1964, Ioshkar Ola, 1966, Kirov, 1967, Perm’, 1967, Tambov, 1969, Moscow, 1969.