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Arkadiy Aleksandrovich PLASTOV

painter and graphic artist

Arkadiy PLASTOV, USSR Painter and graphic artist. Popular Artist Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic since 1956; Honoured Art Worker Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic; full member, USSR Academy, of Arts, since 1947; board member, USSR Union of Artists, since 1957. Stalin Prize; Gold Medal, 1958.


PLASTOV, Arkadiy was born in 1893 in village Prislonikha, now Ulyanovsk Oblast.


1912-1914 studied at Art Studio in Moscow. Since 1914 studied at Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.


1917-1924 worked as peasant and painted from life. 1925-1935 worked on visual aid charts in Moscow. Since 1935 painting pictures.

Since 1936 exhibitor at Soviet art exhibitions. S. late 1940’s illustrator of Russ, classics. Collaborated on setting for AllUnion Agriculture Exhibition in Moscow.

1956 member, All-Union Committee 100th Anniversary Celebrations of the Tretyakov Gallery. Visited Italy with group of Soviet artists. 1957 attended 2nd All-Union Congress of USSR Artists.

Member, Organization Committee, Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic Union of Artists. Exhibited at 29th International Exhibition of Fine Arts in Venice.