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Arno Arutyunovich BABADZHANYAN

Composer and piano soloist

Arno BABADZHANYAN, USSR Composer and piano soloist. Piano teacher, Yerevan Conservatory, since 1950; member, Auditing Commission, USSR Union of Composers, since 1957; board member, Armenian Union of Composers, since 1952. two medals.


BABADZHANYAN, Arno was born in 1921 in Yerevan.


1934-1938 and 1942-1946 studied piano and composition, Yerevan Conservatory. 1939 graduated piano class, Moscow Gnesiny School of Music. 1948 graduated Moscow Conservatory.


1947 and 1953 attended International Festivals of Youth in Prague and in Bucharest. 1941-1945 organized army amateur shows. 1952-1957 board member, USSR Union of Composers.