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Astrophysicist , research scientist , systems specialist , Technology consultant

Arno Allan Penzias, American Astrophysicist, technology consultant, research scientist, information systems specialist.


Penzias, Arno Allan was born on April 26, 1933 in Munich, Germany. Son of Karl and Justine (Eisenreich) Penzias. came to the United States, 1940, naturalized, 1946.


Bachelor of Science in Physics, City College of New York, 1954. Master of Arts in Physics, Columbia University, New York City, 1958. Doctor of Philosophy in Physics, Columbia University, New York City, 1962.

Doctor of Science (honorary), Paris Observatory, 1976. Doctor of Science (honorary), Rutgers University, 1979. Doctor of Science (honorary), Wilkes College, 1979.

Doctor of Science (honorary), City College of New York, 1979. Doctor of Science (honorary), Yeshiva University, 1979. Doctor of Science (honorary), Bar-Ilan University, 1983.

Doctor of Science (honorary), Monmouth College, 1984. Doctor of Science (honorary), Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, 1986. Doctor of Science (honorary), University Pittsburgh, 1986.

Doctor of Science (honorary), Ball State University, 1986. Doctor of Science (honorary), Kean College, 1986. Doctor of Science (honorary), University Pennsylvania, 1992.

Doctor of Science (honorary), Ohio State University, 1988. Doctor of Science (honorary), Iona College, 1988. Doctor of Science (honorary), Drew University, 1989.

Doctor of Science (honorary), Lafayette College, 1990. Doctor of Science (honorary), Columbia University, 1990. Doctor of Science (honorary), George Washington University, 1992.

Doctor of Science (honorary), Rensselaer University, 1992. Doctor of Science (honorary), University Pennsylvania, 1992. Doctor of Science (honorary), Bloomfield College, 1994.

Doctor of Science (honorary), Rankin Technology University, 1997. Doctor of Science (honorary), Hebrew Union College, 1997. Doctor of Science (honorary), Oxford University, 2002.


Member technical staff, Bell laboratories, Holmdel, New Jersey, 1961-1972;head radiophysics research department, Bell laboratories, Holmdel, New Jersey, 1972-1976;director radio research laboratory, Bell laboratories, 1976-1979;executive director research, communications science division, Bell laboratories, 1979-1981;vice president research, Bell laboratories, 1981-1995;vice president, chief scientist, Lucent Technologies, 1995-1998;senior technical advisory, Lucent Technologies, since 1998;venture partner, New Enterprise Associations, since 1998. Board directors A.D. Little, LCC International, Warpspeed Comm., Fibex Technologies, Home Wireless Networks. Senior advisory New Enterprise Association, since 1997, Adjunct.prof. earth and science State University of New York, Stony Brook, 1974-1984, University Distinguished lecturer, 1990.

Lecturer department astrophysical science Princeton University, 1967-1972, visiting professor, 1972-1985. Research associate Harvard College Observatory, 1968-1980. Edison lecturer United States Naval Research Laboratory, 1979.

Kompfner lecturer Stanford University, 1979. Gamow lecturer U. Colorado, 1980. Jansky lecturer National Radio Astronomy Observatory, 1983.

Michelson Memorial lecturer, 1985. Grace Adams Tanner lecturer, 1987. Klopsteg lecturer Northwestern University, 1987.

Graduate faculties alumni ColumbiaU., 1987-1989. Regents' lecturer University of California, Berkeley, 1990. Lee Kuan YewDisting. visiting National U. Singapore, 1991.

Member astronomy advisory panel National Science Foundation, 1978-1979, member industrial panel on science and technical, 1982-1992, distinguished lecturer, 1987, affiliate Max-Planck Institute for Radioastronomy, 1978-1985, chairman Fachbeirat, 1981-1983. Researcher in astrophysics, information technical, its applications and impacts.



Trustee Trenton (New Jersey) State College, 1977-1979. Member board overseers University of Pennsylvania School Engineering and Applied Science, 1983-1986. Member visiting committee California Institute Technology, 1977-1979.

Member Committee Concerned Scientists, since 1975, vice chairman, since 1976. Member of advisory board Union of Couns. for Soviet Jews, since 1983. Board directors Council on Competitiveness, 1989-1992.

With United States Army, 1954-1956. Member National Academy of Engineering, NAS (Henry Draper medal 1977), American Association for the Advancement of Science, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (honorary), American Astronomical Society, American Physical Society (Pake prize 1990), International Astronomical Union, World Academy Arts and Science.


Married Sherry Chamove Levit, August 2, 1996. Children: David Simon, Mindy Gail, Laurie Shifra.

Karl Penzias

Justine (Eisenreich) Penzias

Sherry Chamove Levit

David Simon Penzias

Mindy Gail Penzias

Laurie Shifra Penzias