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Member of the Nationalrat

Arnold GRABNER, Austrian Member of the Nationalrat.


GRABNER, Arnold was born on June 15, 1939 in Wiener Neustadt, Austria.


Vocational School; evening courses at the Chamber of Labour and the Trades Union School. Trained ^ motor mechanic. Apprenticeship at the Hallein motor works, ICottingbrunn.


Official in the Austrian Young Trade Unionists (Metal, Mining and Energy). Sectional Chairman of the Wiener Neustadt District SPÓ, since 1971. Town Cncllr., Wiener Neustadt, 1974-1981.

Mayor-Deputy, Wiener Neustadt, 1975-1981. Deputy-Chmn., Wiener Neustadt Disctrict SPÔ, 1977- District Chairman since 1979. Member of the Provincial Praesidium of the Lower Austrian SPÔ, since 1979.

Member of the Provincial Board, 198I-. Mem of Nationalrat for Lower Austria, I98I-. Member of the Federal Party Management of theSPÓ, since 1985.

Employee of the Austrian Federation of Trades Unions District Secretariat for Wiener Neustadt, since 1961. District Secretary of same, since 1965.


Clubs: Member and Official of the Austrian Friends of Children.