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Artemiy Isaakovich ALIKHANYAN


Artemiy ALIKHANYAN, USSR Physicist. Full member, Armenian Academy of Sciences, since 1948; corresponding member, USSR Academy of Science, since 1946; Director, Physics Institute, Armenian Academy of Sciences. Stalin Prizes, 1941, 1948.


ALIKHANYAN, Artemiy was born in 1908.


1931 graduated Leningrad University.


1931 started research work on nuclear physics and cosmic rays with his brother, the well-known physicist A. I. Alikhanov. 1934 with A. I. Alikhanov and M. S. Kozodaev discovered emission of “pairs*' (positron and electron) by energized nuclei. 1935 with A. I. Alikhanov and L. A. Artsimovich provided experimental proof of laws of pulse conservation of positron and negative electron fusion.

1939 with A. I. Alikhanov and B. A. Nikitin began research resulting in discovery of varitrons. 1943-1945 with A. I. Alikhanov set up cosmic radiation station on Mount Alagez, Armenian. With Asatiani discovered showers with a small amount of particles, i. e., narrow showers in cosmic rays.


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Marxism–Leninism as the only truth could not, by its very nature, become outdated.