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Arthur Darby Nock

university professor

Arthur Darby Nock, British university professor. Awarded 1st Chancellor’s Medal for Classics, Cambridge U., 1923.


Nock, Arthur Darby was born on February 21, 1902 in Portsmouth, England. Son of Cornelius and Alice Mary Ann (Page) Nock.


Bachelor of Arts, Trinity College (Cambridge U.), 1922. Master of Arts 1926; Doctor of Laws, Birmingham U., 1934. Doctor Honoris Causa, Paris, 1952.

Doctor of Letters, Jewish Theological Seminary, 1960. Naturalized September 1936.


Editor Oxford Classical Dictionary, 1949. Review Contributor to Cambridge Ancient History, Ency.


  • Author: Sallustius Concerning the Gods and the Universe. 1926

  • Early Gentile Christianity and Its Hellenistic Background (in Essays on the Trinity and Incarnation), 1928. Conversion, 1933

  • St. Paul.

    1938. Translator: Magical Texts from a Bilingual Papyrus in the British Museum (with H. I. Bell and Sir Herbert Thompson), 1931. (with A. J. Festugiere) Hermès Trismegiste, 1945-1954 (awarded Prix du Budget by Academie des Inscriptions). Editor Oxford Classical Dictionary, 1949.

    Educated Harvard Theological Review Contributor to Cambridge Ancient History, Encyclopedia Britannica, Encyclopedia Society Science, Pauly-Wissowa Real-Encyclopedia, etc.


Fellow Clare College (Cambridge U.), 1923-1930. Member American Council of Learned Socs. (advisory board), 1937-1941.

Senior fellow Society. Fellows, Harvard; member American Philosophical Society, American Philological Association, Society Biblical Literature and Exegesis. Classical Association, Hellenic Society, Phi Beta Kappa.

Member Berlin Academy Sciences. German Archæol. Institute, Bavarian Academy Sciences. Clubs: Odd Volumes (Boston).


Cornelius Nock

Alice Mary Ann (Page) Nock