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Askar Zakarevich ZAKARIN

government and party official

Askar ZAKARIN, USSR Government and Party official. Candidate of Physico-Mathematical Science since 1948; lecturer since 1949; member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Lithuania Kazakhstan, since 1956.


ZAKARIN, Askar was born in 1908.


1937 graduated Moscow University.


1953-1955 Rector, Kazakhstan University, Alma-Ata. 1955-1958 Kazakhstan Minister of Education. 1958-1961 Deputy Chairman, Kazakhstan Soviet of Ministers, 1959-1961 Kazakhstan Minister of For Affairs.

Deputy, Kazakhstan Supreme Soviet of 1955 and 1959 convocation. 1956 member, Soviet delegation at International Conference on Public Education, Geneva.


Religion is an instrument of the ruling classes to instill in the masses the religious conviction that their current suffering will lead to eventual happiness.


Communist party could initiate policies in the name of the society because it knows what the best is for its progress and development.