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Aubrey Wray Fitch Edit Profile

naval officer.

Aubrey Wray Fitch, American naval officer. Member Delta Sigma Nu.


Fitch, Aubrey Wray was born on June 11, 1883 in St. Ignace, Michigan, United States. Son of Ernest and Emily Louisa (Wray) Fitch.


Educated St. John’s Military Academy, 1898-1900, United States Naval Academy, 1902-1906 (Bachelor of Science), Naval War College, 1937.


Commissioned ensign, 1908, and advanced to captain 1931. Advanced to vice admiral, 1942. Served aboard various ships until 1914.

Commanded United States Ship Yankton, 1915-1917, on staff commander in chief, Atlantic Fleet, Gunnery officer Wyoming, 1917-1919. Inspector of ordnance, Naval Ammunition Depot, at Hingham, Massachusetts, 1919-1921. Commanded United States Ship Luce, United States Ship Mahan, 1921-1922.

Naval mission, Brazil, 1922-1927. Executive officer United States Ship Nevada, March-November 1927. Commanding officer Arctic, 1927-1929.

Fight training Pensacola, 1929-1930. Commanding officer Wright, 1930-1931, Langley, 1931-1932, Naval Air Station, Norfolk, Virginia, 1932-1935, United States Ship Lexington, 1936-1937. Commandant Naval Air Station, Pensacola, 1938-1940.

Commander Patrol Wing Two May, October 1940. Commander Carrier Division One, November 1940, commander various carrier task forces. First commander Air Force Pacific Fleet, 1941-1942.

Commander aircraft, S. Pacific Force, September 1942-April 1944. In command combined air forces of Army, Navy, Marines, New Zealand Air Force in S. Pacific, 1943. Deputy chief, Naval Operations (Air), Ang.

1944-July 1945; superintendent, United States Naval Academy, and commandant Severn River Command, 1945-1947. Special assistant to secretary of navy, January-June 1947. Retired with rank of admiral, 1947.

Now vice president General Tire & Rubber Export Company, headquarters Washington.


Member Delta Sigma Nu. Clubs: New York Yacht (New York).


Married Gwyneth Hungerford Conger, June 11, 1912. Children: Aubrey Wray, Omar Conger, John Cecil.

Ernest Fitch

Emily Louisa (Wray) Fitch

Gwyneth Hungerford Conger

Aubrey Wray Fitch

Omar Conger Fitch

John Cecil Fitch