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Audrey Martynovich UPIT

Latvia writer and literature critic

Audrey UPIT, Latvia writer and literature critic. Doctor of Philological Science and Professor, since 1945; full member, Latvia Academy of Sciences, since 1946; Presidium member, Latvia Supreme Soviet, since 1951; board member, Latvia and USSR Unions of Writers; Popular Writer of Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic, since 1943. three Order of Lenin; other orders; medals; Stalin Prize, 1945. Member, Communist Party, since 1940.


UPIT, Audrey was born in 1877.


1897-1908 teacher in Riga. 1918-1920 participated in Bolshevik movement in Latvia and several times arrested. 1920-1939 engaged in lit, work at Skriveri and Riga.

Published various belles lettres, and 1924-1930 edited journal “Domas”. 1940 Deputy, “Democratic” Sejm. Member, Latvia delegation Moscow to arrange for Latvia’s inclusion in the USSR.

1941-1951 Deputy Chairman, Presidium, Latvia Supreme Soviet. During World War II lived at village Kstineno near Kirov and in Moscow. Contributed to front-line periodicals and to “Literatumaya gazeta” (Literary Gazette).

1945-1949 Professor, Latvia University. 1946-1951 simultaneously Director, Institute of Language and Lit., Latvia Academy of Sciences. Since 1951 Chairman, Latvia Union of Writers.

Presently studying hist, of modern Latvia literature. Deputy, Latvia Supreme Soviet of all convocation.


Member, Communist Party, since 1940.


Member, Communist Party, since 1940.