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Barbara Ann MIKULSKI


Barbara Ann MIKULSKI, American Senator. League of Women Voters; Women’s Political Caucus; Catalyst Inc.


MIKULSKI, Barbara Ann was born on July 20, 1964 in Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America.


Mount St. Agnes College, Bachelor of Arts, 1958. University of Maryland, MSW, 1965.


Political worker, John F. Kennedy for President, 1960. Co-ordinator, 1st District, Joseph D. Tydings for Senator, Baltimore, 1970. City councilwoman, Baltimore, 1971-1976.

Special adviser to R. Sargent Shriver, 1972. Chairwoman, Commission for Delegate Selection and Party Structure, Democrat National Committee, 1973. Member, Government Commission on Structure and Governance Education.

Member, House of Reps, for Maryland, 3rd District, 1977-1987. Member, Energy, Commerce, Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committees. Member, Health and Environment, Commerce, Transport and Tourism, Coast Guard and Navigation, Merchant Marine and Panama Canal Sub-Committees.

Chairwoman, Oceanography Sub-Committee. Delegate. Democrat National Convention, 1980. Member, Democrat National Committee, Maryland.

National Co-Chairwoman, MondaleFerraro Campaign, 1984. United States Senator, Maryland, since 1986. Member, Appropriations, Labour and Human Resources, Small Business Senate Committees.

Currently: Deputy Majority Whip. Member, Democrat Senators Campaign Committee. Member, Executive Committee, Congressional Caucus for Women’s Issues.

Member, Executive Board, Federal Government Service Task Force. Board Member, National Urban Coalition. Professional career: teacher, Vista Training Centre, Mount St. Mary’s Seminary, Baltimore.

Administrator, Dept, of Social Service, Baltimore Health and Welfare Council. Professor, sociology, Loyola College, Maryland, 1972-1976. Currently, author and lecturer.




League of Women Voters. Women’s Political Caucus. Catalyst Inc.