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curator , Botany educator

Bassett Maguire, American, Georgian Botany educator, curator. Recipient Sarah Gildersleeve Fife Memorial award Hort Society, 1952; David Livingstone centenary medal American Geography Society, 1965; grantee National Science Foundation, American Philosophical Society, Guggenheim Foundation, Explorers Club; herbarium of the Jardin Botanico Nacional in Santo Domingo was named Herbario Doctor Bassett Maguire in his honor.


Maguire, Bassett was born on August 4, 1904 in Alabama City, Alabama, United States. Son of Charles T. and Rose (Bassett) Maguire.


Bachelor of Science, University Georgia, 1926. Graduate student, University Pittsburgh, 1926. Doctor of Philosophy, Cornell University, 1938.


High school teacher science and biology, Athens, Georgia, 1926-1927; instructor botany, U. Georgia, 1927-1929; instructor botany, Cornell Univercity, 1929-1931, 37-38; professor, Utah State University, 1931-1943; curator, head curator, New York Botanical Garden, 1943-1978; Nathaniel Lord Britton distinguished senior curator, New York Botanical Garden, 1961-1978; assistant director, New York Botanical Garden, 1968-1969; director botany, New York Botanical Garden, 1969-1971, 73-75; director emeritus, senior scientist, member board of managers, New York Botanical Garden, 1971-1991. Director botany Jardin Botánico Nacional, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Executive director Organisation for Flora Neotropica, 1964-1975.

Aquatic botanist New York State Conservation Department, 1930-1931, United States Bureau Fisheries, 1932,34. Ecologist, special agent United States Conservation Service, Department Agriculture, 1934-1935. Adjunct Professor botany Columbia, New York City, 1961-1991, CUNY.

Non-resident professor Utah State University. Delaware United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, 1947, 64, Food and Agriculture Organization (of the United Nations), 1961. Director science New York.Bot.

Garden, 1974-1991; also member corporation. Founder, executive director Organisation forFlora Neotropica, 1964-1976. Consultant Eli Lilly, Warner-Lambert, Texas Instrument, National Bulk Carriers.

Discoverer (with John Jay Wurdack) Serrania de la Neblina, mountain complex on Venezuelan-Brazilian frontier, 1953, botanical exploration Neblina, 1953-1954, 57-58, 64-65. Botanical exploration North America, especially Rocky Mountains and Intermountain United States, 1923-1955;member, leader, director numerous expeditions to tropical South America, including Roraima Formation (Lost Worlds) and Amazon Basin.


  • David Livingstone Centenary Medal of the American Geographical Society in 1965.\r\nSarah Gildersleeve Fife Memorial Award from the Horticultural Society.


  • Other Work

    • Member editorial board Flora of Ecuador, Moscosoa, Santo Domingo. Author articles, treatises on Western American botany, Neotropics vegetation and geography.


Trustee Mary Cary Arboretum. Corresponding member Royal Netherlands Botanical Society (honorary). Honorary fellow Association for Tropical Biology (founder.

President 1964-1965). Member American Association for the Advancement of Science, Organization Tropical Studies (founder), Torrey Botanical Club (president 1963-1964), New York Academy of Sciences, Sociedad Venezolana de Ciencias Naturales (honorary), Botanical Society of America (Certified of Merit for Distinguished Achievement and Contbns.1990), International Society Plant Taxonomy, American Society Plant Taxonomists, Organization Flora Neotropica (commission), Society Botanical Dominicana (honorary), American Geography Society (honorary), Newcomen Society (life), Academia de Ciencias de la Républica Dominicana (founder, member biology committee), El Patronato Jardín Botánico Nacional (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic).


Married Ruth Richards, 1926. Children: Bassett, Grace (Mistress Daniel N. MacLemore, Junior). Married Celia Kramer, March 25, 1951.

Charles T. Maguire

Rose (Bassett) Maguire

Celia Kramer

Ruth Richards

Junior) Maguire

Grace (Mistress Daniel N. MacLemore Maguire

Bassett Maguire