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Benjamin Graham Edit Profile

Economist , investor

Benjamin Graham was a great economist who introduced the present day security analysis.


Graham did his graduation from Columbia University being awarded with the Salutatorian title which was awarded to the second highest graduate of the entire graduating class in the United States of the time. He was 20 when he completed his graduation.

He was invited to join as an instructor in English, Mathematics, and Philosophy but he refused the recruitment offers to become a part of Wall Street.


After graduation from Columbia University, took a job as a chalker on Wall Street with Newburger, Henderson and Loeb. Before long, his natural intelligence won out when he began doing financial research for the firm and he became a partner in the firm. He was soon earning over $500,000 a year, a huge sum; not bad for a 25 year old.

In 1926, Graham formed an investment partnership with another broker called Jerome Newman. He also started lecturing at night on finance at Columbia, a relationship that was to continue until his retirement in 1956.


  • book

    • "Security Analysis" with David Dodd (published in 1934)

    • "The Intelligent Investor" (1949)

    • "Storage and Stability: A Modern Ever-normal Granary", New York: McGraw Hill (1937)

    • "World Commodities and World Currency", New York & London, McGraw-Hill Book Company (1944)


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