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Benjamin Randall Edit Profile

founder , organizer

Benjamin Randall was the main organizer of the Freewill Baptists in the northeastern United States.


Randall, Benjamin was born on February 7, 1749 in New Castle, New Hampshire, United States. Son of Captain Benjamin and Margaret (Mordantt) Randall.


Randall served in the New Hampshire militia during the American Revolutionary War. On April 5, 1780 Randall was ordained in New Durham, New Hampshire. In the summer of 1780, a church was formed at New Durham, and the articles of faith and covenant were drawn up by Randall.

By the end of the year the church numbered seven men and thirteen women. From the time of his lay preaching until his death of tuberculosis on October 22, 1808, Randall was instrumental in planting many Freewill Baptist churches throughout New England.


  • He was the founder of the Free Will Baptist movement in America.


Married Joanna Oram, November 28, 1771, 9 children.

Captain Benjamin Randall

Margaret (Mordantt) Randall

Joanna Oram