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Bertil Gotthard Ohlin Edit Profile

economist , politician

Bertil Gotthard Ohlin was a Swedish economist and politician.


In 1930 Ohlin succeeded Eli Heckscher , his teacher, as a Professor of Economics , at the Stockholm School of Economics.


In 1929 he debated with John Maynard Keynes , contradicting the latter's view on the Consequences of the Heavy War reparations Payments Imposed on Germany. (Keynes predicted caused a War by the burden of debt , Ohlin thought that Germany could afford the reparations.)


  • Mathematical model «Heckscher-Ohlin model» of international free trade,which Ohlin developed together with Eli Heckscher.

    The Heckscher–Ohlin Theorem, which is concluded from the Heckscher–Ohlin model of international trade, states: trade between countries is in proportion to their relative amounts of capital and labor. In countries with an abundance of capital, wage rates tend to be high; therefore, labor-intensive products(textiles, simple electronics) are more costly to produce internally. In contrast, capital-intensive products (automobiles, chemicals) are less costly to produce internally. Countries with large amounts of capital will export capital-intensive products and import labor-intensive products with the proceeds. Countries with high amounts of labor will do the reverse.


  • book

    • The German reparations problem(1930)

    • Interregional and International Trade (1933)

    • Mechanisms and Objectives of Exchange Controls (1937)

  • Report

    • The сause and phases of the World Economic Depression. Report presented to the Assembly of the League of Nations (1931)


  • Social-Liberal Party (Opposition Party to the Social Democrat Governments of the ERA)

    1944 - 1967


Anne Wibble

Minister of Finance, 1991-1994