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State representative

Beverly Masek, American state representative. Member Alaska Outdoor Council, Hugh O'Brien Youth Foundation; Member of National Rifle Association, Alaska Boating Association.


Masek, Beverly was born on September 30, 1963 in Anvik, Alaska, United States.


She was active in dog sled racing from the early 1980s to the early 1990s, competing five times in the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race and finishing the race four times, including 21st in 1991 and 23rd the next year. She served in the Alaska House of Representatives as a Republican 1995-2005. Masek missed 29 floor sessions in 2001 -- the highest absentee rate in the House -- and was gone for another 16 sessions the next year.

She was in the hallway when a key budget vote was cast on the House floor in 2002. Masek was chairwoman of the House Resources Committee and was notable for being an Alaska Native lawmaker opposed to a constitutional amendment granting a rural subsistence priority. Rep. Pete Kott, R-Eagle River, who was vying to be the next House speaker, gave Masek $500 and she received $1,500 from executives with VECO Corp., which was involved in trying to build a for-profit prison in Alaska, and Anchorage architecture firm Koonce Pfeffer and Bettis, which was tabbed to design the prospective prison.

Rep. In 2009, Masek pleaded guilty in the Alaska political corruption probe and was sentenced to six months in prison with three years probation. Kott, VECO CEO Bill Allen and his Vice President Rick Smith, as well as Khoring and Kott, were all sentenced to federal prison in the scandal.


  • Masek won an open seat in an election year where the remaining legislative contests in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley all saw Democratic incumbents lose to their Republican challengers, including Jalmar M. Kerttula, who lost his Senate seat to Lyda Green.


Member Alaska Outdoor Council, Hugh O'Brien Youth Foundation. Member of National Rifle Association, Alaska Boating Association.


  • Other Interests

    Dog mushing, hiking, fishing.


Married Jan Masek; 1 child Michael.

Jan Masek

Michael Masek