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He wrote cross-country skiing history. With a total of 29 medals at world championships and winter Olympics, Bjørn Dæhlie is one of the most successful winter athletes of all time.


Already as a young, Bjørn was active in many sports. He started competitive skiing at the age of 14 specialized in Nordic combined. From the age of 16, Bjørn focused on cross country skiing, competing for the local skiclub Bjerke IL. He took part at the world junior championships in Italy at the age of 19. With the Norwegian team he attended the Olympic games in Calgary in 1988, but did not qualify for any distance. His first world cup victory was in Salt Lake City, USA in December 1989. He won the world championships in Val di Fiemme, Italy, in 1991 and got his first Olympic gold medal in Albertville in 1992. He is known as an all-round cross country skier who manages all distances (10 – 50 km) and both disciplines classic and skating. In total he won 47 out of 147 world cup races in the 1990’s! Bjørn’s talent and strength are as well physical as psychological. He is very disciplined and systematic in his approach. He is always determined to improve all elements that may influence his performance. His strong will and dedication to the sport made him become one of the greatest athletes of all time. Bjørn is a great ambassador for the sport and for his native country Norway. in 1996, Bjørn introduced his own collection. “Bjørn Dæhlie technical wear”. In 2001, Bjørn sold the company Bona Ratio Sport AS to ODLO sports group of Switzerland and signed a licensee agreement with ODLO. The long tradition and industrial experience of ODLO together with Bjørn’s winning experience gave synergy in both product development, production, marketing and sales. The brand Bjørn Dæhlie is now the global leading brand in Nordic Skiing. The products are developed for all ages and meet the demands of both cross country ski racers and recreational skiers as well as outdoor enthusiasts. The cooperation and the licensee agreement with ODLO was terminated in may 2007 and Bjorn moved the brand back to Norway. Mr Dæhlie is the majority owner of the newly formed company Bj sports as who owns all the right to the brand Bjørn Dæhlie. Mr Dæhlie will assume an active role I the company. Particularly in the areas of product development and marketing. The second biggest shareholder is Katalsyator. The Bj brand is expected to represent wholesale revenues of approximately 11 million in 2007. while about half of the sale is in the Norwegian home market, Germany, Switzerland, Finland and Russia and USA represent important export market. The brand will also be sold in Austria, Estonia, Italy and Canada. The company’s ambition is to further develop its position as market leader for Nordic skiing apparel and also broaden the product portfolio to other sports and outdoors purposes. Katalysator owns known sports and leisure brands such as Rottefella, Hamax and Alfa boots. Bj SPORT will together with Katalysator grow the Bjørn Dæhlie brand through targeted international distribution and by developing new products. Being an experienced owner in the industry,

Katalysators contribution will include industry insight and a broad network in addition to providing the company with a sound financial platform. Bj SPORT AS is located just outside Oslo at the premises of the sport expedition centre emporia. The company has attracted Bernt Lund to lead development, design and production. Trond Ristvedt is

head of marketing and sales.

On 29.3.2001, Bjørn sadly announced that he was forced to retire from competitive sport due to a back injury caused in a roller ski accident in august 2000. Bjørn Dæhlie is a true promoter of cross-country skiing and his engagements to recruit youngster to the sport is well known. The BD Kids events, enjoy huge popularity not only in Norway, but also in Switzerland. Germany and Estonia. Bjørn is also an ambassador for the “Right to Play” movement. Bjørn’s additional hobbies and interest are outdoor adventures, hunting and family life. In his native country Norway he is a hero and a living legend.


  • Bjørn Dæhlie won 47 out of 147 world cup races in the 1990’s. this is a winning percentage of 32 %, or one third off all the world cup races, world championships and Olympics, that took place during a decade. if we take away the races he did not start in, Bjorn won 38 % of all international x-country races. Bjørn’ s first world cup victory was in 1989 in Salt Lake City, United States of America. ( 15 km classic technique) this result is not included in the above statistics because it was outside the 1990’s.

    Bjørn ist Norway’s most winning athlete ever:

    – total 29 world championship and Olympic medals

    – 8 Olympic gold medals. (6 individual gold and 2 gold in relay)

    – 7 world championships. (three in relay)

    – 47 world cup victories.

    – 15 Norwegian championships


  • Other Interests

    Family life, outdoor adventures, traveling, hunting and fishing.