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Boothe Colwell DAVIS Edit Profile

President , Alfred University

Boothe Colwell DAVIS, American President, Alfred University. Member Alfred. New York, (Pastor, 1893-1895); National Education Association; Council of Church Bds. Education (President, 1926-1930).


DAVIS, Boothe Colwell was born on July 12, 1863 in Jane Lew, West Virginia, United States. Son of Revolution Samuel D. and Elizabeth Fitz (Randolph) Davis.


Alfred University. Bachelor of Arts, 1890. Yale University School of Divinity, Bachelor of Divinity, 1893.


J. President Alfred U. since 1895, New York State School of Clay Working and Ceramics, since 1900. President New York State School of Agriculture, since 1908.


First Seventh Day Baptist Church.


Member Alfred. New York, (Pastor, 1893-1895). National Education Association. Council of Church Bds.

Education (President, 1926-1930). Clubs: Clergy, (New York), Yale.


Spouse Estelle W. Hoffman, May 1893, Shiloh, N.