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Boris Amarantov

mime artist

Boris Amarantov, USSR Mime artist.


Amarantov, Boris was born in 1947.


Famous solo performer in theatres and concert halls in the 1960-1970s. Tried unsuccessfully to emigrate to America in the late 1970s. Became the focus of an international campaign.

Western celebrities sent letters to the Soviet government in his support. Eventually allowed to go to New York where he made a very successful debut in Carnegie Hall. Performed in various cities throughout America but soon was forgotten and unable to get a job.

After several years of struggling, in complete despair, began asking the Soviet Embassy for permission to return to the USSR. By this time he had developed a psychiatric disorder. After some deliberate bureaucratic delays was put in with a group of reemigrants. Arrived in Moscow but soon discovered that he was not allowed to work.

Became seriously ill. Early in 1987 it was reported from Moscow that he had committed suicide.