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Boris Fedorovich ANDREEV


Boris ANDREEV, USSR Film actor. Popular Artist Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic since 1950; actor, Film Actor’s Theater Studio, Moscow. Stalin Prizes, 1949, 1951.


ANDREEV, Boris was born in 1915 in Saratov.


Graduated from the Saratov Drama School in 1936.


Worked in the Film Actor’s Studio Theatre, and with Ivan Pyr’ev, Mikhail Kalatozov, Igor Savchenko. Mark Donskoi, Boris Barnet and many other distinguished directors. His first film was a popular comedy The Tractor Drivers (director Ivan

Pyr’ev) produced by Mosfilm in 1939.

Became famous for his acting in this film although it is now regarded as a classic example of Stalinist cinema. Made over 50 films. Best in comedies.

Since 1937 at Saratov Drama Theater. Since 1938 in films; has acted in many Ukrainia films. Roles: Nazar Duma in “Traktoristy” (The Tractor-Drivers) (1939).

Dovbnya in “Bogdan Khmelnitsky” (1941). Matvey in “Dolya Mariny” (The Fate of Marina) (1953). Zhurbin in “Velikaya semya” (The Great Family) (1954).

Zarudny in “Poema о more” (Poem of the Sea) (1958). Leading roles in films. “Bogataya nevesta” (The Rich Fiancee).

“Svinarka i pastukh” (The Swineherd and the Shepherd). “Kubanskie kazaki” (The Kuban Cossacks), etc.