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Boris Andreevich Filippov

editor , author , poet

Boris Filippov, USSR Author, poet, editor.


Filippov, Boris was born in 1905. Son of an officer of the Imperial Army.


Studied at Leningrad University.


Hid his class origins in order to get higher education in the Soviet Union. Arrested, 1927, 1929 and 1936. Sentenced to 5 years in the Gulag.

After release, lived in Novgorod. Moved to Germany during World War II. In DP camps in West Germany, 1945-1950. Moved to the USA, 1950.

Taught at several American universities, published volumes of essays, short stories and verse, and many articles in Russian emigre publications. As an editor, with Gleb Struve, and his wife, E. V. Zhiglevich, prepared very valuable first editions of collected works of Russian modern classics, which were unavailable at that time in the Soviet Union (Akhmatova, Zabolotskii, Gumilev, Kliuev, Voloshin, Mandelshtam, Rozanov and others).