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Boris Kokhno

Ballet impresario

Boris Kokhno, USSR Ballet impresario.


Kokhno, Boris was born on January 3, 1904.


Educated at the Moscow Lycee.


Emigrated, 1920. In 1921, as a young poet, became Diaghilev’s secretary. Involved in the management of the Ballets Russes, combining administrative and artistic duties. Became Diaghilev’s right-hand man and was in charge of the planning of repertoires for forthcoming seasons.

Also wrote libretti for several ballets which were then produced by B. Nizhinskaia and L. Miasin. After Diaghilev’s death, became one of the impresarios of Les Ballets Russes de Monte Carlo, 1932-1937, with one break in 1933. Wrote several ballets staged by L. Miasin and Balanchine.

In 1933, together with Balanchine and V. Dmitriev, founded the company Ballet 33. In 1945, wrote the libretto for Brodiachie Muzykanly for Les Ballets des Champs Elysees (disbanded in 1949).