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Boris Edmundovich LINBERG


Boris LINBERG, USSR Surgeon. Professor 1923; Doctor of Medicine Science since 1922; Head, Chair of General Surgery, Moscow Medicine Stomatological Institute, since 1951; consultant, 1st Surgical Clinic, Moscow Oblast Clinical Research Institute, since 1951; Honoured Worker of Science Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, since 1943. Lenin Prize, 1961; Order of Lenin; Order of Red Banner of Labor; other orders; medals.


LINBERG, Boris was born in 1885 in Shatsk, now Ryazan Oblast.


1911 graduated Medical Faculty, Moscow University.


Honorary member, Moscow, Saratov and Kuybyshev Society of Surgeons. Со-Editor, “Surgery” section, “Bolshaya meditsinskaya entsiklopediya” (Large Medical Encyclopedia), 2nd edition. 1927 on science mission in United States of America to study surgical clinics.

1935 on science mission in Sweden. 1936 attended International Congress of Surgeons, Cairo. Board member, Moscow and All-Union Society of Surgeons.

1937-1958 Chairman, Expert Commission on Surgery, All-Union Certifying Commission. Founder and Chairman, Thoracic Surgery Section, All-Union Society of Surgeons. 1933 founded USSR’s first Special Dept, of Lung Surgery.

1935 first in USSR to carry out successful lobectomy in bronchiectasis. 1939 treated thoracic wounds on the Finnish Front. 1941-1945 directed specialized deputy, for the treatment of thoracic wounds in evacuation hospitals.

Read papers at 25th and 26th All-Union Congresses of Surgeons. Developed method of surgical treatment of pulmonary abscesses by pneumatomy, using underwater drainage. Devised methods of treating wound hemothorax and open pneumothorax.

Developed original methods of costoversion thoracoplasty, herniotomy, osteosynthesis and resection of the lower jaw. Works deal with thoracic and general surgery. 1911-1912 distr. doctor in village Krasny Kut, Samara Guberniya.

1912-1913 distr. doctor, Kozlov (now Michurinsk), Tambov Guberniya. 1913-1914 second doctor, Surgical Department, Saratov Railroad Hospital, and supernumerary intern, Faculty Surgical Clinic, Saratov University. 1914-1918 assist, to Chief Doctor, Dressing Station, 12th Infantry Division.

1918-1922 Head, Surgical Department, Saratov Railroad Hospital, Assistant, Chair of Faculty Surgery, Saratov University, and Chairman, Chief Medicine and Sanitation Council on Transport, Saratov Executive Committee; 1922-1923 lecturer, Chair of Faculty Surgery, Saratov University. 1923-1933 Professor, and Head, Chair of Faculty Surgery Clinic, Smolensk University. 1933-1942 Head, Chair of Faculty Surgery, Moscow Medicine Institute, Ministry of Health, based on the Moscow Oblast Clinical Research Institute.


There is no solid or tangible evidence for God nor a logical argument for God. The existence of God is taken on faith and not by evidence.


Member, Communist Party, since 1939.


Marxism–Leninism as the only truth could not, by its very nature, become outdated.


Member, Communist Party, since 1939.