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Boris Nikolaevich LYATOSHINSKY Edit Profile


Boris LYATOSHINSKY, USSR Composer. Professor, Kiev Conservatory, since 1935; Honoured Art Worker of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic since 1956; board member, Ukrainia Union of Composers, since 1956, and USSR Union of Composers, since 1957. two Badges of Honor; medals; two Stalin Prizes, 1946, 1952.


LYATOSHINSKY, Boris Son of historian N. L. Lyatoshinsky.


1918 graduated Faculty of Law, Kiev University. 1918 graduated composition class, Kiev Conservatory.


In 1920's and 1930's Chairman, Ukrainia Association, of Contemporary Music, liquidated by an All-Union Communist Party (Bolsheviks), Central Committee, decree of April 23, 1932. During World War II arranged folksongs broadcast by Radio “Taras Shevchenko” to German-occupied Ukrainia. Criticized in Communist Party (Bolsheviks), Ukrainia, Central Committee, decree, (1948), for “antipopular formalist tendencies” in his work and classed among composers, “unable to free themselves from the influences of bourgeois nationalist ideology”.

1952 again criticized for “formalist trends” in his “3rd Symphony”. After Stalin’s death and the “thaw”, the “3rd Symphony” was described by official critics as “the highest achievement, the outstanding masterpiece of its kind in the musical heritage of the Ukraine”. 1920-1935 instructor in music theory at Kiev Conservatory.

1935-1938 and 1941-1943 Professor, Moscow Conservatory.