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Boris Georgievich ROTOV

bishop , orthodox church

Boris ROTOV, Bishop of Yaroslavl and Rostov, Russia Orthodox Church. Chairman, Foreign Ecclesiastical Relations Department, Moscow Patriarchate; member, Commission for Inter-Christian Relations, and Head, Moscow Patriarchate Publ. House, since 1960; permanent member, Holy Synod, since 1961. orders of Eastern Orth, patriarchs.


ROTOV, Boris was born in 1929 in village Frolovo, Ryazan Oblast.


Studied at Ryazan Pedagogical Institute. 1950-1955 correspondence student, Leningrad Theol. Seminary and Theol. Academy, graduating as Candidate of Theol.


Accompanied newly-elected Patriarch of Jerusalem on tour of Palestine. 1959 visited Athens and established contact with hierarchy of Greek Church. Represented Moscow Patriarchate at funeral of Mekhisedek HI, Catholikos and Patriarch of All Georgia.

Headed Moscow Patriarchate delegation Abyssinia. Established contacts with Russ, monasteries on Mount Athos. Represented Moscow Patriarchate in Echmiadzin, Armenian, during visit of World Council of Churches delegate.

Headed Moscow Patriarchate delegate visiting Anglican monasteries. 1960 member, Moscow Patriarchate delegation at 3rd Christian World Conference, Prague. 1961 headed delegation Geneva for talks with leaders of World Council of Churches.

1947 ordained monk, assumed name of Nikodim and ordained priest-deacon. 1949 ordained priest-monk and served in parishes in Yaroslavl Oblast, PereyaslavZalesky and Uglish. Since 1952 priest, Yaroslavl Cathedral, and Seer, to Archbishop.

Since 1954 Dean, Yaroslavl Cathedral. Since 1956 member, Russia Theol. Mission to Jerusalem, Moscow Patriarchate.

Since 1957 Deputy Head, above Mission, with rank of Father-Superior, and then Head, with rank of Archimandrite. 1959 recalled to Moscow for admin, work at Moscow Patriarchate. Soon after also appointed Deputy Chairman,Department of Foreign Ecclesiastical Relations, Moscow Patriarchate.

1960 ordained Bishop of Podolsk and Vicar of Moscow Eparchy.