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Minister of Labour

Borje HORNLUND, Swedish Minister of Labour.


HORNLUND, Borje was born in 1935 in Nordmaling, County of Västerbotten.


Lower Secondary School Certificate. College of Agriculture, 1959. National College of Forestry, 1959-1960.

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, certificate. Forest Management, 1962-1963.


Member of executive committee, Centre Party Youth League, 1963. Chairman, Centre Party, Skellefteä, 1963-1972. Municipal councillor, Skellefteä, 1966.

Member, Västerbotten County Council, 1966. Member, Centre Party Group Council, since 1970. County Council Commissioner for Finance, 1971-1976.

Member of the Board, Swedish Federation of County Councils, since 1972. Member of Parliament, since 1976. Member, Centre Party National Board, since 1977.

Chairman, Swedish Federation of County Councils, 1977-1980. Chairman, Offial Committee on Health and medical care. Member. Regional Economic Committee.

Chairman, Centre Party District, County of Västerbotten, since 1986. Member. Centre Party Parliamentary Group Council, since 1986. Minister of Labour interests: member, Board of Governors of the Bank of Sweden.

Inspector of Forests, 1960-1961. Regional forestry manager. Forest Owners’ Association, Västerbotten, 1963-1967.

Employee, Industrial Development Centre, 1971-1976.