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Boyd H. DAP PERT Edit Profile

County Superintendent of Highways

Boyd H. DAP PERT, American County Superintendent of Highways.


DAP PERT, Boyd H. was born on August 16, 1891 in Pueblo, Colorado, United States. Son of James W. and Mary Anna (Fulton) Dappert.


Grade and High Schools, Taylorville, 111. Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, Indiana. University of Clermont Ferrand, Clermont Ferrand, France.


Elected, Company Surveyor, Christian Company, 111., 1916, re-elected, 1920, 1924, since 1928. Elected member, Taylorville Township High School Board Education, 1921, re-elected, 1924, 1927, 1930. Secretary, Board Education, 1921-1928 and since 1930.

Pres, of said Board. 1928- 1930. Appointed, Company Superintendent of Highways, Christian Company, 111., 1924, re-appointed since 1930. Public Engineer, Taylorville, 111., since 1929.

Served as Sergt., Company D., 306 Engnrs during World War, 1918. Overseas service, 1918-1919. Appointed. Second Lieutenant, Engineer Section of Officer's Reserve corpus, United States army, 1919.

Appointed, Company Director, United States Boys’ Working Reserve, Christian Company, 111., 1917. Appointed member, Food, Fuel and Conservation Committee, Christian Company, 111. of Council of Defense. 111., 1917; Chairman, Salvation Army Doctor, Christian Company during World War.

Scoutmaster, Boy Scouts of American, since 1917.


First Baptist Church.


Member; American Legion. Artist Fellowship & Master of Arts. Royal Arch Mason; Knight Templar.

Order of the Eastern Star. Independent Order of Odd Fellows. Amraphel Encampment; Social Rebekah Lodge.

Elks; Anti-Thief Association (Central Point). 111. Society of Engineers. 111. Association of Company Superintendent of Highways.

Athletic Officials’ Association Clubs: Rotary, Country and Triangle (Taylorville).